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6-2Teen Dies, Others Injured in Serious Crash in Charlotte

A serious crash left one teenager dead and others seriously injured in Charlotte. The accident happened on Raintree Lane and Rounding Run Road in the Cedarwood Country Club area, near NC 16 and NC 51. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police department (CMPD) and Medics responded to the accident, which happened in the late evening hours. The accident happened between two vehicles, when a speeding vehicle crashed into another, according to the police. Four injured people were transported to the hospital. One of the people, a teen, was transported in critical condition and later died.

Speeding and Alcohol Played a Role in the Accident

Insta-Edu-Market-4-1Wrongful Death in North Carolina

The death of a loved one is never easy, but it can be particularly difficult when the death occurs due to the negligence of another. When your loved one passes away unexpectedly, they can leave the family with a large void. The family of a wrongful death victim may be owed compensation for their damages. An experienced North Carolina wrongful death attorney can help you and your family during this stressful time.

What is Wrongful Death?

Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney Matthew R. Arnold of Arnold & Smith, PLLC answers the question “What can you sue for in a personal injury case?”


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Courtroom Charlotte Car Accident Lawyer North Carolina Motorcycle accident AttorneyIn the latest issue of Legal Matters, we discuss how many court cases come down to battles between witnesses and testimony. One witness says one thing happened; another witness’s account directly contradicts the first witness. Both sides try to show their witnesses are telling the truth, while the other side’s witnesses are either wrong, confused or flat-out lying.

These he-said, she-said battles might not be completely avoidable, but stronger cases are made in court when one side can produce photographs, video, audio or other documentary evidence that cannot, by its nature, lie. We live in an age of constant connectivity. Nearly everyone has a phone with a built-in camera, video recorder or both.

When we encounter misfortune, we can use the tools we have at our disposal to document the misfortune and to hold the people responsible for our injuries accountable. That said, if you are injured in an accident, the key to winning your case might be in your back pocket.

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Attorney Matthew R. Arnold answering the question: “Is a tractor-trailer accident the same as an automobile accident?”

Some long-awaited safety restrictions created by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) were implemented earlier this week to the acclaim of safety advocates who hope they reduce the number of deadly trucking accidents each year. The new guidelines were implemented as of July 1, 2013 and lower the amount of time truck drivers are allowed to be behind the wheel every day.

Truck Tire Charlotte North Carolina Personal Injury Workers' Compensation Lawyer Attorney.jpgThe hope is that the hours-of-service changes lead to less exhausted commercial vehicle drivers, which in turns leads to safer highways for the rest of us. The regulations were initially proposed in 2011 after outcry about the dangers of tired driving among truckers. Study after study has shown how dangerous fatigue can be for commercial vehicle operators, with one survey by the NTSB showing that as many as 30 percent of all tractor-trailer crashes could be related to driver fatigue.

The issue in the trucking industry has always been that drivers have a direct financial incentive to work as long as possible. Their bonuses are tied to delivery times and the best way to get a load dropped off on schedule is to push yourself to drive around the clock. While this can increase efficiency it dramatically increases the chance that a driver will be involved in an accident. Given that truckers have such clear financial motivation to drive for as long as possible, it’s essential that the government create strict limits on work hours to protect innocent motorists from harm.

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In this issue we discuss how it is wise to consult with a lawyer before signing a release of claims relating to an injury. We also take a look at how sometimes “weekend warriors” can sue for injuries. There was a case where IHOP was held liable for injuries caused by a broken stool at the restaurant. Also, we take a look at a case where a person was able to collect for “emotional distress” caused by a mold infestation. Have a look to see what else we discuss in this issue.

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In this issue we discuss how truck accident injury cases require an expert’s guidance. We also talk about how dog owners can be sued for dog bite injuries. We discuss how using Botox as a pain reliever can be dangerous. We also discuss how a school may be liable for a boy’s injuries during recess. Check out the newsletter for more information.

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In this issue of the Charlotte Injury Lawyers Blog newsletter, we discuss the difference between contributory negligence and comparative negligence theories. We also take a look at the need for better safety measures on pain medicine delivery pumps. There is a note about a recent jury verdict involving an automobile collision which was the result of the at fault driver texting while driving. Finally, we take a look at considerations to keep in mind if dealing with a workers’ compensation claim and an personal injury claim simultaneously.

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In this issue we discuss how a claimant might fight the initial denial of a claim by an insurance company if that claim is wrongly denied. We address claims that a contraceptive may be causing gall bladder problems. There was recently a products liability claim brought by a father against the maker of baby hammocks and a weight loss product which has been linked to liver damage. Lawyers have made claims recently alleging that Botox has led to adverse reactions. Chrysler recalled over 24,000 vehicles due to a potential brake system failure. The FDA is requiring the following warning on an anti-nausia drug: “Promethazine should neither be administered into an artery nor administered under the skin because of the risk of severe tissue injury, including gangrene.” In dog bite cases, even a homeowner who allows a friend with a dog to stay in their house temporarily can be held liable if the dog bites someone. Finally, we discuss a recent lawsuit which alleges that the stop smoking drug Chantix has caused people to become so depressed that they committ suicide.

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In this issue we discuss the notion that injuries are still occurring on college campuses due to hazing even though the practice is banned. Also, more than a half million children each year have bad drug reactions. Toyota will likely have to defend against lawsuits stemming from car crashes caused by the well publicized accelleration problems. Heart problems have been linked to the birth control pill Yaz. A jury in Philadelphia ordered Glaxo-SmithKline to pay 2.5 million dollars to compensate for birth defects caused by Paxil. A bill in Congress is designed to help protect passengers in the event of injury or other problems.

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