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In this issue we discuss how a claimant might fight the initial denial of a claim by an insurance company if that claim is wrongly denied. We address claims that a contraceptive may be causing gall bladder problems. There was recently a products liability claim brought by a father against the maker of baby hammocks and a weight loss product which has been linked to liver damage. Lawyers have made claims recently alleging that Botox has led to adverse reactions. Chrysler recalled over 24,000 vehicles due to a potential brake system failure. The FDA is requiring the following warning on an anti-nausia drug: “Promethazine should neither be administered into an artery nor administered under the skin because of the risk of severe tissue injury, including gangrene.” In dog bite cases, even a homeowner who allows a friend with a dog to stay in their house temporarily can be held liable if the dog bites someone. Finally, we discuss a recent lawsuit which alleges that the stop smoking drug Chantix has caused people to become so depressed that they committ suicide.

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