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A serious crash sent children to the hospital after a dump truck collided with a school bus in south Charlotte. 14 children who were aboard the school bus were taken to the hospital with various injuries. The bus driver sustained life-threatening injuries in the accident. The bus was carrying students to South Mecklenburg High School, nearby. The crash, which is reported to be caused by the dump truck, involved the school bus as well as another vehicle. The dump truck driver was also taken to the hospital. The children all suffered non-life-threatening injuries and were all released from the hospital the same day.

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School buses are transporting our future generations, which is why it is no wonder that drivers of such buses have a heightened duty of care compared to other motor vehicles. The bus driver is not the only potentially liable party in auto collisions involving school buses, however. Every day, over 25 million children ride on school buses across the United States. Determining fault in a school bus accident is not always straightforward because most school buses in North Carolina are owned and operated by public or governmental agencies.

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When a person thinks of an “automobile”, chances are they imagine nearly anything roadworthy. The term is conventionally defined broadly, and includes things like cars, vans, trucks, tractor-trailers, motorcycle and buses. Though this might be what most people think of when they imagine an automobile, most people, at least those in Washington State, would be wrong. A recent personal injury case there hinged on the definition of “automobile” and the answer about what qualifies might surprise you, it certainly surprised the plaintiff.

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A storage compartment door on a Gaston County school bus opened suddenly on Wednesday, causing the school bus to overturn and injuring some 23 middle-school aged students.

School Bus Charlotte Accident Lawyer North Carolina Injury AttorneyState troopers who responded to the scene told WSOC that they did not think the bus was travelling the posted 45-mile-per-hour speed limit at the time of the crash. As of Thursday, the school-bus driver had not been cited, and troopers were mum on whether any charges were expected.

A student interviewed by WSOC said “he heard a loud squeaking noise coming from the bus right before the accident happened.”

One student said the last thing he remembered was a lot of people tumbling over him.

The driver of the school bus said she tried to close the storage compartment door and started to run off the road. The driver overcorrected, causing the school bus to flip on its side. Eleven students were taken to CaroMont Regional Health Center in Gastonia; four were taken to Carolinas Medical Center in Kings Mountain, and another eight were taken to local hospitals by their parents.

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