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Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney Matt Arnold answers the question: “What if a loved one dies from the injuries sustained in a serious accident while the case is pending?”

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation. Motorcyclists ride for pleasure in addition to using the vehicle to get to and from work. Motorcycles continue to increase in popularity. As the population in North Carolina grows, so does the use of motorcycles. Although motorcycles offer a fun and economical way to get around, they can also be dangerous. Other drivers may not always see motorcycles and crashes with larger vehicles can result in serious and life-threatening injuries. If you were hurt in a motorcycle accident, the negligent driver should be responsible for your damages. Consult with an experienced North Carolina personal injury attorney to discuss your claim.

Charlotte Injury Lawyer Matt Arnold answers the question: “What is the value of my case?”

While it can be enjoyable, riding a motorcycle can also be incredibly dangerous. For instance, a rider could be thrown out of the seat, across the road, or even into the path of oncoming traffic in the case of an accident. While it is definitely important for motorcycle riders to be cautious on the road, accidents do happen. When they do, it is usually the rider who sustains the most damage from it, not the occupants of the other, larger vehicles involved.

Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney Matt Arnold answers the question: “What can you sue for in a personal injury case?”

Motorcycle accidents happen every day. Regardless of the frequency, they are still dangerous to all parties involved, especially the motorcycle rider. Victims of accidents are often left with unexpected expenses that they might not be in the financial position to pay. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to damages through a personal injury lawsuit or claim. In order to recover damages, you need to have a strong case. The following are tips to strengthen a personal injury claim after a motorcycle accident.

Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney Matt Arnold of Arnold & Smith, PLLC answers the question “Can I wait a few months to pursue a personal injury claim?”


The online dating world took a collective gasp as one of its leading lights, Tinder Chief-Marketing-Officer Justin Mateen, was accused of sexual harassment and discrimination. The company says it has suspended the cofounder.

Sexual harassment Charlotte Injury Lawyer North Carolina medical malpractice AttorneyTinder compiles information from users’ Facebook accounts and, based on a set of criteria, tries to connect potential mates.

In the sex harassment lawsuit, brought by former Tinder Vice-President of Marketing Whitney Wolfe, Mateen is accused of connecting with Wolfe inappropriately both online and the old-fashioned way. Wolfe alleges Mateen pursued her romantically, and the two began “officially dating” in February of 2013.

It didn’t take long, however, before Mateen became verbally controlling and abusive. He told Wolfe if she hurt his pride by dating another man, he’d fire her. A few months after breaking off their relationship, Mateen called Wolfe a “whore” at a company event. He also went behind Wolfe’s back, describing her as a “gold digger” and a “liberal lying slut” to coworkers. Wolfe claims pressure from Mateen led to her termination.

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Attorney Matthew R. Arnold answering the question: “What can you sue for in a personal injury case?”


If you have been involved in a North Carolina car crash or other injury-causing accident, there are some important rules you should follow to ensure you are best able to move forward with a future civil claim for damages. Read through the following list of do’s and don’ts to get a better idea of what you should and shouldn’t do after an accident.


Car Wreck Charlotte Mecklenburg Personal Injury Lawyer Wrongful Death AttorneyFirst things first, you do need to call the police. It is critical to get a record of the accident that can be used in a future personal injury case. Getting documentation about what happened, who was at fault, who witnessed the crash and the names and contact information of the parties involved is critical. Additionally, you do need to be sure and make your own list of information that you think could be important down the road. Write down any details of the accident, contact information, witness names, etc.


If you are hurt, it is crucial that you do receive medical attention immediately. Seeking out medical care as soon as possible is good for several reasons. First, it gets the injuries recorded early and entered into a medical record, which can later be used at trial or during settlement talks. Second, going early means that the responsible party will have less of a basis for claiming that any injuries were caused elsewhere or were faked just to drive up the cost of your settlement.


Finally, if you have been involved in a serious accident, it is essential that you do reach out to an experienced North Carolina personal injury attorney. Turning your case over to someone who knows what they’re doing and who has successfully handled other injury cases in the past is a great way to boost your chances of winning.

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Attorney Matthew R. Arnold answering the question: “Should I trust the insurance adjuster?”


Though we have all heard about the dangers of texting while driving, many may not realize that other activities, such as mapping while driving, can be just as deadly. The Department of Transportation has decided to publicize the dangers of mapping behind the wheel and is even seeking legislative approval to regulate those companies that make mapping software.


Map close up Charlotte Mecklenburg County Personal Injury Lawyer Wrongful Death AttorneyThe issue of mapping behind the wheel is not only potentially dangerous, but actually a legal question. In some states, mapping is not among those activities specifically prohibited. Instead, laws are designed to target texting, emailing or even placing phone calls, but may not actually address mapping.


A recent case out of California brought this issue to light; after a driver was cited for distracted driving and later won an appeal of his case. The judge decided that the law did not cover mapping and so his ticket was thrown out of court. The court decided that only if the person had engaged in dangerous or reckless driving, by swerving out of the lane of traffic, could the cop have properly issued a ticket.


Some in the industry believe that mapping presents all the same dangers that texting does. To use Google Maps, Yahoo or Waze, a driver needs to devote his or her attention to the screen of their mobile phone, taking the eyes off the road in front of the car. Though the programs are meant to be simple to use, even short distractions can prove deadly. That is why the Department of Transportation says it wants the authority to regulate these mapping products.

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Attorney Matthew R. Arnold answering the question: “What exactly is a wrongful death claim?”


Police in Charlotte have filed formal charges against a woman they say is responsible for the death of a motorcyclist. The accident happened Saturday morning at the intersection of Providence Road and Wendover Road.


Motorcycle 1 Charlotte Mecklenburg Injury Lawyer North Carolina Car Accident AttorneyAccording to law enforcement officials, the crash occurred when James Johnson was riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle down Wendover Road. Susan Brown, in her BMW X5 SUV, pulled out directly in front of Johnson.


Police officers say that Brown was in the left turn lane and had a flashing yellow arrow at the time, meaning she failed to yield the right of way to Johnson who had a green light. When she turned in front of Johnson, the grill of her SUV struck him and ejected him from his motorcycle. The force of the accident threw Johnson into the lanes of Providence Road.


The accident then set off a chain reaction crash, with the front end of the BMW hitting a Ford F150 that was stopped at the red light on Providence Road. Johnson was trapped on the ground between both the BMW and the Ford.

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