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Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney Brad Smith answers the question: “Do I have to pay a retainer fee to get an attorney to represent me in my personal injury case?”

Consider this scenario: You have taken a personal injury claim to trial and it appears the jury will decide in your favor. You learn the verdict: You will receive a larger sum of non-economic damages, along with economic damages (medical bills, lost wages, future lost wages and expenses). After the trial has concluded and an award has been made, your friend asks if you still have to pay your plaintiffs’ attorney fees. He has heard that in a similar case, the defendant was ordered to pay all attorney fees for the plaintiff. You are confused. Why was this not mentioned by your attorney or addressed in the complaint?

Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney Matt Arnold answers the question: “The insurance company wants to send me to their own doctor for a second opinion. Do I have to go?”

Many people may not think that the status of their insurance has anything to do with their ability to bring a personal injury case following a car accident. After all, a car crash and the liability of the parties involved has little, if anything, to do with the particulars of the underlying insurance policy. A judge in New Jersey clearly disagreed with such reasoning and in an interesting recent personal injury case, ruled that faulty insurance was enough to get a lawsuit tossed out of court. To learn more about why the insurance flaws were seen as fundamental to the personal injury case, keep reading.

Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney Matt Arnold answers the question: ” What should I do if I’m injured as a passenger in a car accident?”

Though you may have heard of dashcams (dashboard cameras) before, you may have thought these were only for police officers or other public servants. Though it’s true that police officers in many jurisdictions have and use dashcams, they are not the only ones. Dashcams have become increasingly popular for ordinary drivers, seen by some as a good way of protecting themselves in the event of an accident. Rather than worry about a he-said, she-said dispute, you can simply play the video captured by the dashcam and put the dispute to rest. Though there are important potential benefits of dashcams in a personal injury context, there are also some negatives that should be weighed when deciding whether to invest. To learn more, keep reading.

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