Accident Reconstruction – How Important is it?

AccidentAccident Reconstruction – How Important is it?

Accidents occur on a daily basis and while usually minor, some accidents are serious and result in severe injuries or fatalities. When an accident is serious, it may require an investigation to determine the cause and the negligent party. In North Carolina, only those who are not at all negligent in an accident can collect compensation. Therefore, it is essential to learn who caused the accident in order to prove the negligent party will be held accountable.


What is Accident Reconstruction?

Accident reconstruction is an investigative technique that is sometimes utilized following a serious accident. As the name implies, accident reconstruction means that the scene of the accident will be put back together in the same, or as close to the same, way as it was at the time of the crash. Reconstruction is a tool that attorneys, insurance companies, law enforcement officials, and others may utilize after a particularly severe accident. It can be essential when there are few or no witnesses or other evidence of the crash.


Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney Matt Arnold answers the question: “Should I take photographs of the property damage sustained to my car, of the accident scene, or of my visible injuries following an accident?”


Who Performs Accident Reconstruction?

Professional accident engineers conduct reconstructions. An accident reconstructionist has the education, training, experience, and tools necessary to complete the task. Individuals and companies are available to hire for the purpose of accident reconstruction. The reconstruction team will review the details of the accident, look at vehicle damage, look at police reports, read or perform witness interviews, and watch videos of the incident, among other things. The team may go to the scene of the crash to reenact the accident, take measurements and photos, and view the location.


Benefits of Accident Reconstructioncar-crash-1451085

An accident victim may benefit from reconstruction in cases that are complex and when the outcome is severe. They are especially necessary in truck accident cases. The reconstruction may identify the exact cause of the crash, along with contributing factors. The investigation will provide you with a thorough indication of what occurred and which driver or drivers were likely negligent. The reconstructionist will generate a detailed report and other information that you can use to prove your case. A reconstructionist may be an expert witness in court and may even provide an animated recreation in some cases.


Why Additional Investigation is Important

Accident reconstruction is just one investigative tool that you and your attorneys can use to prove negligence in a personal injury case. Reconstruction can help back up other details such as information you learn about the driver and the trucking company, in truck accident claims. The investigation will corroborate data that was received through multiple sources. A full and complete investigation is helpful when you need to fight against large insurance or trucking companies with numerous resources at their ready.


Do I Need to Hire an Accident Reconstruction Team?

For most minor accidents, accident reconstruction is not necessary. However, when there are multiple vehicles, semi-trucks, and buses, or when there are various factors involved, you may benefit from hiring a reconstruction team. Your attorney will discuss the need for reconstruction with you if they feel that it is necessary for your case. If a reconstructionist is needed, your lawyer has reliable reconstructionists who are able to work on your case.


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