Deadliest Roads in North Carolina

2-2Deadliest Roads in North Carolina

If you live in North Carolina, you likely drive many miles around the state, both for pleasure and for work. There are many scenic drives and we also have many highways. Even with the latest vehicle safety features, driving can be dangerous. In 2022, there were about 42,795 fatalities on the nation’s roadways, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Unfortunately, North Carolina is ranked fifth highest for traffic fatalities. We have some of the deadliest roads in the country.


Interstate 85

Interstate 85, also called I-85, is a convenient highway that connects North Carolina with other states and is one of the busiest roadways in the state. There are numerous accidents on a weekly basis, and some of them result in fatalities. Large trucks may be one reason why accidents on I-85 cause serious injuries and deaths. There are also large stretches of roadway that are unlit, which can pose potential dangers at night.


Tail of the Dragon

Tourists and locals alike enjoy the beautiful and scenic drive called the “Tail of the Dragon”. This stretch of road is just 11 miles in length but offers a thrilling ride. It is especially popular for motorcyclists. The Tail of the Dragon is part of Highway 129 North between Swain County and the Tennessee border and includes 318 in 11 miles. With the dangerous curves. a limited number of guardrails, icy conditions, and wildlife, some people think the road is the scariest in the nation. There are numerous crashes here every year.


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Interstate 95

Like other large highways, I-95 is well-traveled and has more than its share of fatal accidents. One reason why the stretch of highway in North Carolina is dangerous is because it receives a lot of precipitation, both rain and snow. Slick roads, large trucks, distracted and impaired driving and more may contribute to the large number of crashes along this stretch of the interstate.



North Carolina Highway 12

North Carolina Highway 12 is also known as the Outer Banks Scenic Byway. It is a coastal driver that has some inherent dangers. According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), this road has 7 “hot spots” that are the most dangerous and most likely to be problematic for drivers. The reason for the danger is because the road is next to the water and is vulnerable to flooding. Water can wash out parts of the road during storms. In some of the most severe nor’easters, the road was washed away in sections leaving it closed and isolating residents for long periods of time. Floods, wet pavement, and strong storms can lead to serious accidents.


U.S. Highway 64

As a main east-west thoroughfare across the state of North Carolina, U.S. Highway 64 is one of the longest roads in the state. It runs from Tennessee all the way to the coast. The highway is also quite dangerous. It has a lot of truck traffic and some stretches are particularly narrow. The section between Franklin and Highlands is known for a high rate of fatal crashes.


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