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Personal injury Lawyer Matt Arnold answers the question: “If I am injured in a car accident or at work what should I do?”

We have recently discussed the dangers posed by texting and driving. As the number of fatal auto accidents continues to increase, experts are struggling to find ways to mitigate the harm. Though many believe that driver distraction is a big and growing cause of this danger, it has been a surprisingly difficult problem to address. Texting is hard to identify and cannot be easily detected after the fact. Unlike drunk driving, there has never been a breathalyzer for smart phones. Until now that is…

Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney Matt Arnold answers the question: “What exactly is a wrongful death claim?”

Anyone who pays attention to the news has heard about the terrible increase in deadly car accidents in recent years. In fact, the problem has gotten so bad that auto fatalities have risen at rates not seen in more than 50 years. This tremendous growth in deadly driving has been tied to a number of factors, chief among them the increase in distracted driving. Given the rise, some have begun to wonder whether cellphone manufacturers and cellphone service providers have a responsibility to prevent the devices, which the companies earn tremendous profits off of, from being used for deadly purposes.

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