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Charlotte Injury Lawyer Matt Arnold answers the question: “What is the value of my case?”

Asbestos is a natural substance that was useful in the construction industry for decades. Many people who worked with the substance or lived or worked in buildings that contain it may suffer from illnesses due to exposure. Asbestos is composed of a variety of minerals and when it is disturbed it breaks into tiny particles that get into the air we breathe. Breathing in asbestos has been found to be carcinogenic and may result in serious illnesses, particularly of the lungs and other organs. If you were exposed to asbestos and later found out you have an asbestos-related illness, you may be owed money for your injuries.

Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney Matt Arnold answers the question: “What can you sue for in a personal injury case?”

Zantac is a brand name medication manufactured by Sanofi. Ranitidine, which helps prevent and relieve heartburn, is the active ingredient in Zantac. Interestingly, over-the-counter Zantac was first released in 1986, and within two years, it became the first medication to surpass $1 billion in annual sales.

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