Pet Friendly Businesses Could Result in More Dog Bites

Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney Matt Arnold answers the question: “What does the “one-bite rule” mean in NC dog bite cases?”


Just about everyone loves dogs. If you walk down the street and see a cute dog, you smile and maybe even ask to pet it. More and more businesses are allowing dogs to be inside the premises. “Pet friendly” refers to the practice of businesses allowing patrons to bring their dogs into a store while they shop. This is not just service dogs, but dogs who are simply companions.


Dog-at-fence-Monroe-Lake-Norman-Charlotte-Dog-Bite-Lawyers-232x300While most dogs are friendly and enjoy being with their owner and out and about on the town, not all dogs enjoy the hustle and bustle of running errands. For example, a North Carolina man recently entered a bar to have a couple drinks and relax. The bar allowed people to bring their pets on the premises. Unfortunately, two dogs who were off of their leash attacked the man entering the bar, according to News 13 WLOS. The victim was bit on his left hand and stomach, requiring stitches and medical treatment. The victim did not have insurance and was left wondering how he would be able to pay for his medical bills because the owner of the dogs left the scene without identifying himself.


Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon story. With more dogs being allowed in public spaces, more dog bites and dog bite injuries are occurring. Lack of training and improper upbringing of dogs is resulting in dogs being in public areas in which they are not ready to be. In North Carolina, there are specific rules pertaining to dog bites and attacks. There are three instances in which a dog owner is held liable for his or her dog’s actions:


  • Disobeying a leash ordinance when there is one in effect in the county or town;
  • The dog had previously shown signs of aggression; or
  • The dog is a more “aggressive” breed and bites someone.


Even if an owner can be held liable, it does not mean that the victim will receive compensation or help from the dog’s owner. Many people do not have insurance or the financial capability to pay medical bills for the victim. Other times, like in the story above, the dog owner leaves the scene of the accident, leaving no way to identify him or her. Businesses might need to start being held more liable or responsible for the actions of the dogs they allow on the premises. Additionally, dog owners need to be aware of their dog’s personality and propensity toward aggression. A dog that is not comfortable around others or is overly aggressive is not the type of dog that should be in a store or restaurant around other people.


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