May is Water Safety Month

4Safety Month

Water is a source of life, and humans require it to live. Water draws us to it and gives us a sense of peace. We enjoy many activities and sports in the water, including swimming, diving, boating, waterskiing, tubing, fishing, and much more. Whether in a swimming pool, lake, or the ocean, water can be dangerous. May is National Water Safety Month, a time when we all take time to review the safety measures we should take when we are around water.


Swimming Pool Safety

We generally think that swimming pools are safe, but there are some possible dangers. Never allow children to swim unsupervised. Make sure that there is a lifeguard on duty before going into the water. Make sure that you pay attention to the water depth and allow children only in areas where they can stand up. Do not rely on “floaties” for young children. Teach children how to swim at a young age. If the water is dirty or smells too strong of chemicals, do not swim.

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Safety at Water Parks

Water parks are fun places for families, teens, and adults. There are many different features at water parks, but parents should always be sure of their child’s safety at all times. Do not allow your child to go into water that is too deep for them unless they are good swimmers. Remember that horseplay can lead to accidents, so restrict children from running and jumping. If the water park is excessively crowded, it could be unsafe. Ensure that there are enough lifeguards in all the various sections of the park.


Safety on Lakes and Rivers

Lakes and rivers are popular spots for sports activities. When going out on a boat, always wear a life jacket. Do not drive the boat while intoxicated, and do not get into a boat with someone who is. Impaired boating is negligent and against the law. Do not speed in the water and watch for objects that may protrude and cause an accident. Never go out in a boat alone, and do not go on theFrench_bulldog_in_life_jacket-Charlotte-Mooresville-Monroe-Drowning-accident-lawyer-scaled water when the weather is bad.


Beach Safety

The ocean is beautiful, but it can hold some unseen dangers. Undertow is common at times along the shoreline. Undertow, also called riptide, pulls swimmers out, away from shore, and the strong current prevents them from swimming back. If you are caught in a current, remember to flip, float and follow. Flip onto your back, do not try to swim against the current. Instead, float and follow the current away until it is safe to swim back to shore. Do not allow kids to swim too far out into the water and be aware of the tides.


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