Four Reasons Why Car Accidents are More Likely During the Summer Season

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During the summer season, car drivers are more likely to cause collisions on the road, while motorcyclists and bicyclists are at a greater risk of getting struck by a motor vehicle. Why are the summer months more dangerous for driving compared to other seasons?

driving-fast-Charlotte-Waxhaw-Statesville-Personal-Injury-Lawyer-249x300A 24-year study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) showed that June, July, and August account for the most car crashes compared to any other months. There are nearly 30% more fatal collisions during summertime compared to winter. Teenagers have the highest car accident rate during the summer season.

So, why are auto accidents more likely during the summer season?


Reasons Why Summer Brings More Car Accidents

There are at least four reasons why North Carolina and other states see more car crashes during the summer months.


1. More Teens on the Road

As most schools are closed during summertime and teenagers are on summer break, many teen drivers hit the road and go on road trips. As teenagers spend more time driving during the summer season, there is a spike in car accidents for two main reasons.

Firstly, more teens on the road means a higher likelihood of encountering an inexperienced driver. Secondly, as some teens make the irresponsible decision to drive under the influence, the risk of drunk driving accidents increases.


2. Vehicle Equipment Failure

Hotter temperatures have an adverse effect on vehicle performance and equipment. Your motor vehicle has to work to keep the engine cool when you drive during the summer heat, and using the air conditioner can put more strain on your vehicle’s performance.

The combination of various factors, including summer heat, the use of the air conditioner, hot roadway surfaces, and extended road trips can be a recipe for disaster. When your vehicle can no longer maintain safe temperatures, there is a higher risk of equipment failure.

The car’s tires are particularly vulnerable to summer heat as they tend to expand due to warm weather, increasing the risk of a tire blowout accident.


3. More Construction Zones

In North Carolina and other states, construction companies take advantage of favorable weather conditions to complete their road construction projects during the summertime.

That means that motorists are more likely to encounter construction zones during the summer months. Road construction zones cause increased traffic congestion due to closing traffic lanes and contribute to more construction zone accidents.

Failing to maintain a safe distance, distracted driving, and other factors increase the risk of crashes in and around road construction zones.


4. More Motorcyclists and Bicyclists

A car driver is more likely to encounter a bicyclist or motorcyclist on the road during summertime. Sharing the road with bicycles and motorcycles requires extra caution because failure to operate a motor vehicle with due care can lead to bicycle and motorcycle crashes.

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