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Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney Matt Arnold answers the question: “What can you sue for in a personal injury case?”

It’s been a rough month for Samsung as the company has felt heat from U.S. government regulatory bodies, consumer groups and even airlines. The issue surrounds the Galaxy Note 7, a new, large display cellphone, and it’s potential to overheat and explode. The problem is serious enough that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall last week, around the same time as many major U.S. carriers refused to allow passengers to pack the phones in their checked luggage.

Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney Matthew R. Arnold of Arnold & Smith, PLLC answers the question “The insurance adjuster is saying I am partially negligent what does that mean?”

Bloomington, Illinois-based State Farm Fire & Casualty Co. bills itself as a company full of people who have a passion for carrying out the company’s mission of being a good neighbor.

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