My Insurance Adjuster Will Not Answer My Call: Now What?

Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney Matt Arnold answers the question: “The insurance adjuster is saying I am partially negligent what does that mean?”


After a car accident in which damage is done to your vehicle, it is not uncommon to have to speak with your insurance provider and adjuster assigned to handle any claims that you are making. The insurance adjuster is responsible for taking care of preliminary matters that arise because of a claim. Usually, the adjuster will reach out to you fairly quickly to ascertain the facts that lead to the filing of an insurance claim. The adjuster is like a fact finder and will want to hear a statement from you to keep on file. The adjuster may then tell you that someone will be out to inspect the property. You might think that things are going according to plan because it seems like the insurance adjuster is on your side, but this is not true. There may come a time when an insurance adjuster is slow to respond to you, or may quit responding at all.


dream-graph-Charlotte-Monroe-Mooresville-Personal-Injury-Attorney-300x225It can be extremely frustrating when the person who is supposed to help you with your claim is not responsive. To delve into the actions you should take if the adjuster becomes non-responsive, it can be helpful to understand why they may quit responding. First and foremost, an insurance company is a business. Even though you are paying for insurance coverage, the goal of an insurance company is not to maximize payments to those with coverage. The company wants to be profitable, and part of that is minimizing the payouts to those making insurance claims. One of the ways in which the amount of insurance payout is decreased is by you accepting a lower settlement. The longer an adjuster leaves you waiting, the more bills might pile up, and your increased feelings of anxiety might make you more willing to accept a lower offer. Be conscious of this and do not fall into this insurance tactic.


Another reason that an adjuster is not calling back is because they typically do not have a deadline to meet. Unless there are timelines that are imposed by a judge or jury, there is probably not a timeline that the adjuster is forced to follow. The insurance adjuster is under no real pressure to make the payout to you; instead the or she seeks to maximize the profits of the company.


As stated above, it can be extremely frustrating to not hear back from an insurance adjuster when you need the money. There are a variety of tactics you could employ to deal with this, but the most effective is to contact an experienced personal injury attorney. The personal injury attorneys at Arnold & Smith, PLLC are here to help you with every facet of an injury case – including dealing with unresponsive insurance adjusters. The insurance adjuster might feel a greater sense of urgency upon finding out that you will take legal action. We know that you are entitled to the coverage you pay for through an insurance premium. Contact us today for a consultation, now taking cases throughout the Charlotte region with offices in Uptown Charlotte, Mooresville and our new location in Monroe, call us at 704-370-2828.






The skilled personal injury attorneys at Arnold & Smith, PLLC are dedicated to maximizing the financial recovery and obtaining justice for every personal injury client injured by another party’s negligence. The issues our personal injury clients may be facing include, but are not limited to, slip and fall injuries, wrongful death, product liability, catastrophic injuries, dog bite claims, car and truck accident injuries, motorcycle injuries, traumatic brain injury (TBI), nursing home negligence, spinal cord injury, boating accidents, and defective medical device injury. Our personal injury attorneys understand the devastating impact such an injury can have on a person’s life, and that the effects so often go beyond physical pain and suffering. The personal injury attorneys at Arnold & Smith, PLLC are dedicated to helping clients determine the strength of their claims, and to aggressively pursuing the means necessary to achieve the best possible end result for each client’s particular situation.





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