Dangerous Crosswalk a Source of Concern to Charlotte Parents

Pedestrian Sidewalk Sign.jpgAccording to a recent report by Fox Charlotte, there have been two teens hit by cars while walking home from a local high school in little more than a week. The accidents took place at one of the most dangerous intersections in the city and it has become a source of some concern for many of the residents of that area and the parents of the children who have to cross it.

The crosswalk is at the intersection of Matthews-Mint Hill Road and Swain Drive. A 15-year-old boy sustained minor injuries after he was struck by a car while walking along Matthew-Mint Hill Road. According to the parents of students at Butler High School, the intersection presents several dangers.

One of the students, Eddie Hudima, told Fox Charlotte that he knew of a lot of accidents at that intersection. Humida’s parents did not know that there have been several accidents along that intersection and when Fox Charlotte told them about a young student being hit by a car there, they were very concerned. Humida crosses that intersection every day after he comes from Junior ROTC practice after school.

Residents of the area have noted that there are several problems with that intersection. One of the problems is that the intersection does not have a crosswalk sign or a warning sign for the students that cross the street. Another problem is that there is a “No U-Turn” sign that the majority of drivers ignore, which increases the risk of an accident. Residents believe that a stop light at that intersection will significantly decrease the chances of having an accident with a pedestrian.

After Fox Charlotte brought the matter to the attention of traffic officials, the North Carolina Department of Transportation promised that it would investigation whether the intersection could use some improvements. It is important that the state act after being made aware of the potential dangers of this intersection. Now that it has been made aware, the state of North Carolina and the North Carolina Department Transportation could face potential legal liability if there are no improvements at that intersection.

It is difficult to file a civil action against a municipality. The North Carolina Civil Tort Claims Act governs how an individual can file an action against a state or a state agency. It is complicated legislation. It is advisable that if you, or someone you know, believe you may have a potential claim against the state of North Carolina, please contact the personal injury lawyers at Arnold & Smith, PLLC at 704-370-2828 for a free consultation.

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