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Vehicle accidents happen quite often. While most are minor, some are extremely serious. When a serious crash causes severe injuries or fatalities, it is necessary to learn more about the cause of the incident. Vehicle accident investigations are an integral part of many vehicle crashes. If you or a loved one were hurt in a vehicle accident, you may benefit from the guidance of an experienced personal injury legal team.


What is an Accident Investigation?

An accident investigation is a way to find out as much information about an accident as possible. The investigation should uncover what the vehicles were doing immediately before the accident, how fast they might have been traveling, the exact place of impact, and many other factors. The investigation may utilize various methods, including witness statements, review of videos, evaluation of the crash site, mechanical review of the vehicles, and more. An investigation will provide those involved in the crash answers to important questions about liability, negligence, and fault.


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The Importance of an Accident Investigation

Accident investigations are extremely important for several reasons. The victim of a car accident needs to know the cause of the crash and the negligent party. The insurance company must find out the details of the accident so they can determine compensation. The police want to know how the crash happened and whether laws were broken in the incident. Local and other officials want to understand if there are any road or highway issues that they need to address. The accident investigation must be completed thoroughly and professionally.


Types of Accident Investigations

Not all vehicle accident investigations are the same. There are three main types of investigations, including police, insurance, and independent. Police generally conduct an investigation immediately following a serious accident. Law enforcement will talk to witnesses, take statements from drivers, and gather information about the vehicles, drivers, and owners. A police report is a critical part of a crash investigation, but it may not hold all of the answers.



The insurance company will conduct its own investigation. Typically, they rely on statements from drivers and an evaluation of the vehicle’s damage. Keep in mind that when an insurance company does an investigation, it may be with their client in mind. They may tend to try to reduce any payout they owe. In North Carolina, if someone has a portion of negligence for an accident, they cannot request compensation. An independent accident investigation may be needed as part of the proof you need to seek damages from the negligent driver.


Independent Accident Investigation

As the victim of a vehicle accident, it may be in your best interest to conduct an independent accident investigation. An accident recreation might be helpful in proving exactly how the crash occurred and which driver is responsible. Your attorney will help facilitate an accident investigation if necessary. The investigation will review all aspects of the crash, including an evaluation of the police report. An independent report may help you obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries following an accident.


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