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Police in Chapel Hill, NC say that a second bike rider has died after being involved in a hit-and-run accident last week. Authorities say the accident happened as the cyclists were heading south along U.S. Highway 15/501 at around 11:30 p.m. Thursday evening.

Bike Spokes Charlotte North Carolina Personal Injury Wrongful Death Attorney Lawyer.jpgWhile the two cyclists, Alexandra Simou and Ivin Scurlock, were riding south of Chapel Hill, police say they were hit from behind by a passenger vehicle. The force of the collision was great and Scurlock died at the scene of the accident. A spokesperson for UNC Hospitals said that Simou was transported to the facility for treatment and died on Sunday from her injuries.

A ghost bike has since been placed at the scene of the accident by family and friends to serve as a memorial for the couple. Ghost bikes are white bicycle replicas, usually miniature versions of bikes, which are placed along roadsides to serve as memorials for those who have been killed in car accidents. The bikes are meant to serve as eerie reminders of the damage a car can do to those simply out for a ride. The ghost bike memorials are not just a North Carolina phenomenon, but have been popping up all around the world, with one website listing some 600 of them in more than 100 U.S. citizens and nearly two-dozen countries.

According to North Carolina Highway Patrol officials, authorities are still searching for the car that hit the rider. So far police say they believe the vehicle is a sedan that has some front-end damage and likely a damaged windshield. Anyone with information about the accident is urged to contact his or her local law enforcement officials.

Overall, hundreds of cyclists die and thousands more are injured in tragic accidents just like this one every year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 618 cyclists were killed and 52,000 injured in crashes with motor vehicles in 2010 alone. The number of deaths is far too high and speaks to how much work remains to be done to educate drivers about the importance of watching out for cyclists.

Though those operating motor vehicles have the responsibility of looking out for those on two wheels, there are several important tips that bicyclists should be sure to follow when out for a ride, especially at night. Of course, wearing a helmet is essential to helping protect yourself in the event of a crash. Sadly, helmets are not always enough, especially in cases like this one where the force of the accident is simply too great. Second, wear as much reflective clothing as possible. In low-light conditions it can be difficult for drivers to spot cyclists, which is why reflective decals are so important to draw a driver’s attention. Similarly, investing in some blinking lights that can be attached to your bicycle is another good way of ensuring that you are more visible to passing motorists. Though none of these are guaranteed to off protection, they can go a long way to decreasing your odds of being in an accident.

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