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As the holidays approach, parents and others need to be aware of toy safety. While we want to give our kids fun toys, sometimes a toy can be dangerous. A dangerous toy can lead to injuries and fatalities in some cases. November is toy safety awareness month. It is a way to bring attention to the critical safety factors that you should review before you purchase a toy or allow your child to play with one. If your child or anyone else is hurt due to a toy malfunction or design flaw, you could be owed money for any injuries that resulted. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney will help you assess the situation and guide you through the claim process.


Types of Toy-Related Injuries and Damages

Many types of injuries can occur due to the malfunction or improper manufacture of a product. A toy could break during use and cause harm to a child. Fires can occur from using products that need to be charged. If you have an item that requires electricity, use it only when you are nearby and inspect the cord regularly to ensure it is in good condition. Some common injuries include burns, cuts and contusions, eye injuries, injuries due to falls, and more. Internal injuries can be caused by ingesting part of the toy or a liquid that comes out of the item. Some injuries can be extremely serious or life-threatening.


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Preventing Injuries

Purchase toys that are safe. Always make sure that you purchase age-appropriate toys. Toys with small parts are unsuitable for young children due to a choking hazard. Inspect toys before you give them to children. Magnet toys are popular, yet they can be extremely dangerous. If a child swallows magnets, they can require immediate emergency surgery. Do not purchase or use toys that do not have a proper review or approval. Before you purchase a toy, check to see if it is on a recall list. If you are buying used toys, make sure all the parts are included and that the item is not broken or damaged. Closely supervise the use of toys.



Who is Responsible for Toy-Related Injuries?

Toy-related injuries may be the result of negligence. A manufacturer might be negligent if the product was not properly produced, if inferior parts were used, or if they failed to provide adequate instructions. The distributor or store might also be liable if they were negligent. Generally, the consumer must operate or use the product the way it was intended and should follow the instructions and warnings. However, if the warnings were not provided or were inadequate, the manufacturer might still be responsible. An experienced attorney will assess the situation and help you determine how to proceed. You can find more information about toy safety at The Toy Association.


We all want to ensure the health and safety of our children. If your child suffers an injury due to a problem with a toy, you could be owed compensation for the damages. Contact our legal team today at Arnold & Smith, PLLC, at (704) 370-2828 for a free consultation to discuss your case.






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Toy Safety Awareness Month Kicks Off November 1 (

Toy Safety Awareness Month Kicks Off November 1 (


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