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An official with the North Carolina Highway Patrol says that a man from Louisburg, NC has been charged in connection with the death of one person and serious injuries to another. The deadly accident took place last weekend along I-540 in Raleigh.

Fuel Gage Charlotte Personal Injury Car Wreck Attorney Lawyer.jpgState Troopers say that Paul Jago was merging onto I-540 from Six Forks Road when he crashed into two people attempting to put gasoline in their stalled vehicle. Lenny Reyes was injured in the accident while 25-year-old Lauren Ann Gervig tragically lost her life.

Gervig’s friends and family were stunned at the news, saying that they count not believe the young mother was gone. Gervig was a hair stylist in Wake Forest and had recently taken medical leave due to issues with epilepsy. Despite these troubles, friends say she was an amazing mother for her six-year-old daughter.

According to Highway Patrol officials, Gervig died in the service of a friend. She had taken a cab and a gas can to come and help Reyes whose Dodge Charger had run out of gas. She and Reyes were standing on the shoulder of the interstate with the gas door open when Jago entered the on-ramp. Witnesses say that Jago was watching for merging traffic and never saw Reyes or Gervig on the side of the road. Gervig was killed when Jago clipped the rear corner of the Charger and Reyes suffered serious injuries. Authorities say Reyes is in good condition at WakeMed.

Tragically, individuals stopped on the side of roads are often victims of similar accidents, resulting in serious injuries or even loss of life. Police say such accidents are often caused due to inattentiveness on the part of passing motorists. As a result, drivers in the area of stopped cars should remain vigilant and alert, making sure to put down any personal electronic devices like cellphones and focus solely on the road in front of you.

As surprising as it is to most people, AAA surveys reveal that 12 percent of all interstate traffic fatalities are of pedestrians. Data shows that among these, nearly one-third of the crashes involve “unintended pedestrians”, or people who may have been working on a broken down vehicle, involved in an earlier crash or otherwise on the road without intending to be.

Police say that these fatal pedestrian accidents highlight how critical it is for motorists to ensure that they pull over in safe locations when experiencing car trouble. Police officers recommend that you move as far to the right side of the shoulder of the interstate as possible. Pedestrians should remember to never step into a moving lane of traffic. Also, in some cases it may be best to simply stay in your car where you have some degree of protection and wait for help to arrive.
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