Poop Pours Onto North Carolina Highway

Plant.jpgDrivers on Interstate 70 in eastern North Carolina were not prepared for what they were going to endure on that early morning drive Monday morning. As drivers were on their morning commute, they were accompanied by a truck carrying an unlikely substance. None of the drivers knew what the unsuspecting truck was carrying until something malfunctioned and the contents of the truck ended up splattered on the road in front of them.

WCNC.com reported that the truck was carrying human waste from a sewage plant to be used as fertilizer. Something went wrong and the truck opened up while the driver was on the interstate. The waste came pouring out of the truck onto the highway. One lane was blocked and about 300 feet of waste spilled out on the road. While no injuries were reported, at least two cars ended up sliding around in the mess before the lane was closed off to further traffic.

The driver of the truck is responsible for the costs of cleanup. Also, the driver of the truck could be responsible for any damage to the two cars that came in contact with the waste. If the driver was negligent in failing to secure the mechanism that keeps the waste inside the truck, the driver would liable for any damage that resulted from that failure, i.e., damage to the cars that slid through the poop.

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