North Carolina-based Bus Company Faces Significant Lawsuit over Injuries

Bus.jpgNorth Carolina-based Sky Express is now facing a $500,000 lawsuit after one of its passengers was injured in a crash. The bus crashed in Caroline County, Virginia, and that is where the passenger, Shirley M. Dai, filed her complaint. In addition to Sky Express, Dai also named the driver, Kin Yiu Cheung, and Ivy Media Corp., doing business as was the site where Dai purchased an overnight bus ticket from Greensboro, North Carolina to New York. The complaint explains that Dai suffered serve physical and emotional injuries. It also alleges that 50 people were injured in the crash and four people died.

Apparently, Cheung fell asleep at the wheel while driving, which caused the crash. Cheung and several other individuals are facing criminal charges in connection with the four deaths from the crash. The complaint alleges that the North Carolina company, Sky Express, failed to provide Cheung with adequate resting time for the overnight trip and thus were negligent. A dispatcher in North Carolina told Cheung that even though he was too tired to drive the bus, he had to make the overnight trip. Sky Express released a statement indicating that the civil matters would be handled by the company’s insurance agency. denies any wrongdoing, releasing a statement expressing its condolences to the families of the victims, but saying that it was is no way affiliated with Sky Express and sold tickets for several bus companies. The complaint alleges that the two companies operated as a joint enterprise, thereby making both companies liable for the injuries.

Federal agents closed down Sky Express which had been cited for several violations of federal law. The United States Secretary of Transportation indicated that the shut-down came too late to save the four individuals who lost their lives.

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