Personal Injuries: Burns

7Personal Injuries: Burns

Burns are among the most common types of injuries. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), on average, there are about 450,000 burn injuries per year that require medical treatment. Unintentional burns may occur for a variety of reasons. Motor vehicle accidents, fires, scalds, electrical or chemical burns, and contact with a hot object are all ways that burns might happen. Burns can be very painful and serious injuries. If a burn occurs because of someone’s negligence, the victim may be owed compensation for their injuries. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney will help you get the money you or your loved one deserves.


Burn Diagnosis and Treatment

Doctors classify burn injuries by severity. Burn symptoms increase when deeper layers of skin are involved. It can take more than a day for full symptoms to develop after a patient suffers a burn injury. There are three main classifications for burn injury severity:

  • 1st Degree Burns – Minor burns that affect the outer layer of skin. Minor burns are painful, and the skin will be red in the area of the burn.
  • 2nd Degree Burns – Burns that affect the top two layers of skin. The skin may be red and swollen. There may be blisters, and the pain might be severe.
  • 3rd Degree Burns – These are the most severe burns. The injury reaches below the skin and into the fat tissues. The burns may appear black, brown, or white in color. The burns may reach and destroy nerves and might cause numbness.

Burns are extremely painful, and recovery can be lengthy. In some cases, skin grafts are necessary to improve the condition and appearance of severe burns. This is particularly true if the burns are located on the face. Severe burns that extensively cover the body are more serious and can be life-threatening.


Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney Matt Arnold answers the question: “The insurance company wants to send me to their own doctor for a second opinion. Do I have to go?”


Preventing Burns

Burn injury awareness week occurs every year in February. The American Burn Association topic of this year’s burn awareness campaign is “Hot Liquids Burn Like Fire!” Scalding burns are caused by hot liquids or steam that comes into contact with the skin. These types of burns are most often associated with cooking. Ranges are the most common cause of cooking burns. Keep children away from a hot stove while cooking and face the pot handles away from the edge of the stove. Do not hold a child while you are cooking. Cooking fires can escalate quickly and result in entire home fires. Always keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen so you can act quickly if a fire occurs.


Negligence in Burn Injuries


Burns can happen in many different settings. When burns are caused by the negligence of another, that person may be responsible for your damages. Damages include your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other matters directly related to your injuries. To prove negligence, you will need to show that the person had a duty of care, and they breached that care, causing your injuries. You must prove that you suffered damages due to the breach of duty. For example, in a car accident case, you must show that the driver was negligent and should have known that their actions or failure to act could result in harm to another.


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