North Carolina Toddler Suffers Severe Injury in Fall from Balcony

balcony.jpgA very small child is recovering from injuries suffered after the toddler fell from a second story balcony, according a report by The accident happened on Saturday, April 14 2012, at the Colonial Grand at Beverly Crest Apartments. It is unclear from reports how the toddler managed to fall off of the balcony. The first responders on the scene informed WCNC that the child’s injury could potentially be life threatening.

Immediately one begins to think that the parents may somehow be responsible for the child’s injuries. However, WCNC learned from investigators that the parents of the toddler would not be charged with any wrongdoing. Police, investigators, and medical professionals are keeping a tight lid of the toddler’s condition, leaving the public to only speculate about how bad the child’s injuries are and whether or not the child will survive.

This unfortunate accident highlights several important issues for both the owners of apartment buildings and the tenants who reside in those apartment buildings. It is always important for tenants to do a thorough inspection of the premises when moving into an apartment complex. Any areas of concern should be immediately reported to the manager of the building. Once the problem areas have been brought to the attention of the proper authorities, then the tenant is less likely to be contributorily liable for any injuries that happen as a result of the problem area. In the case of the toddler, if the parents reported a problem with a broken or loose portion of the balcony to the building superintendent, it could explain why no charges have been filed.

If the balcony was faulty to the negligence of the building superintendent or the owner of the building, then both could be potentially liable for the toddler’s injuries. Owners of apartment buildings have a duty to keep the premises safe for the tenants. If the owner failed to keep the premises safe, it is a breach of his duty and he could be sued for negligence. If the owner hired a management company to ensure that the building was keep in decent working order for the tenants, both the management company and the owner of the building could be liable if there is negligence involved. Until the investigation is complete, however, no one will know who, if anyone, is responsible for the toddler’s injuries.

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