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The horrible accidents that marred the fun of the North Carolina State Fair have been in the news a lot recently, especially articles concerning the injured riders who may have been victims of intentional tampering with the ride’s safety features. Another person seriously injured due to a different Vortex ride has not gotten nearly the same amount of press, though likely deserves it given the horrible circumstances of his accident and the extent of his injuries.

State Fair Ride 2 Charlotte Injury Lawyer North Carolina Wrongful Death Attorney.jpgFamily members for Anesto Newell, a 32-year-old worker at the fair, say that he has undergone emergency surgery to treat life-threatening injuries sustained after a portion of the Vortex ride he was tearing down collapsed on top of him. Newell was part of a crew hired by Powers Great American Midways to tear down the rides after the fair closed to the public last week. Newell was about four hours into his shift when witnesses say an entire row of seats from the Vortex ride fell onto the man.

The accident happened around 3:30 in the morning and, horrifyingly, Newell’s two brothers were also in the area working to break down rides. They say that they heard a series of loud pops and then a terrible boom. Afterwards, they looked up and noticed the top of the Vortex ride was swaying and appeared to be missing a row of seats. It only took a second for the brothers to realize that the Vortex was where Newell had been working and they went running to offer assistance.

By the time they arrived they found Newell mangled by the row of four seats. As horrible as it is to imagine, they say Newell was bent in such a way that his feet were stuck near his head and was understandably in an immense amount of pain. Emergency responders arrived soon thereafter and rushed Newell into WakeMed for treatment.

Doctors at the hospital say that Newell’s back was broken in three places and that he suffered other breaks in his left femur, his ankle and three toes. Newell remains in critical condition as doctors watch to see how he recovers from recent surgeries.

Newell’s family has said they are dismayed that no one from Powers Great American Midways has taken the time to reach out to the family after the accident. Moreover, Newell’s sister says that they are upset to have learned that Newell received no training or safety equipment prior to being told to tear down the massive machine. The sister says that during the break down the company emphasized speed rather than safety and believes this hurry may have led to the devastating accident involving her brother.

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