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The number of deadly train accidents across North Carolina has increased dramatically so far in 2013 and state safety officials are eager to come up with a solution to end the escalating problem. To help with that, a rail safety summit took place late last month with railroad officials, government workers, police officers and public safety advocates.

Rail road crossing Charlotte North Carolina Personal Injury Workers' Compensation Wrongful Death Lawyer Attorney.jpgThe numbers so far this year clearly demonstrate the problem: so far 15 people in North Carolina have died in train-related accidents. In all of 2012 there were only 18 train-related fatalities. Authorities say most of the deaths were due to pedestrians who were on railroad tracks, meaning they trespassed onto land that the railroad operators control. Nine out of the 15 deaths have involved such trespassers, something law enforcement officials are struggling to deal with.

Police say if someone is caught trespassing on a railroad’s right-of-way that person can be charged with a misdemeanor, but this has not appeared to prevent people from continuing to trespass. Experts say the reason for the trespassing varies, some people are just bored and out for a walk, others are trying to tempt fate while others were taking what they thought was an uneventful jog.

Those deaths that do not involve pedestrians are typically caused because drivers either disregard or never noticed warnings at railroad crossings. In some cases, rushed drivers attempt to cross already lowered crossing gates thinking they can beat the oncoming train. The state Transportation Secretary, Tony Tata, says that drivers need to understand that it’s far better to wait a few minutes than to never arrive at all.

To help combat this problem officials say they will make some physical changes to rail lines, especially on busy corridors between Charlotte and Raleigh. Officials have proposed eliminating 23 rail crossings, in some cases this may mean actually raising the road or the railroad over the other.

Many people don’t understand just how big and heavy the trains are and how long it can take to stop one that’s in motion. An official with the state’s Department of Transportation says that fully loaded trains can take more than a mile to come to a complete stop and, given the fact that trains only run on tracks, there’s no way for the conductor to simply swerve out of the way.

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