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Personal Injury Lawyers and Attorneys in Charlotte Mecklenburg County NC N.C. North Carolina.jpgSeveral of the fans injured in the recent NASCAR Nationwide Race in Dayton have retained lawyers to ensure that they are compensated for the injuries they sustained in the fiery accident.

The crash took place during the February 23rd Nationwide Series race at Daytona. At least 28 people were injured when a section of Kyle Larson’s car went airborne and overshot the catch fence designed to protect spectators from harm. Flaming debris then went flying into the front-stretch stands during the last lap of the race; sending a few dozen people to the hospital for treatment.

Some injuries were relatively minor, with only scrapes and small cuts. Others were much more serious, so serious in fact that two people remain in the Daytona Beach Halifax Health Hospital today, weeks after the crash. The two remaining patients were injured after being hit by Kyle Larson’s tire and each suffered what were initially life-threatening injuries.

One man from North Carolina was injured in the NASCAR crash. The man, from Angier, NC, was taken to a Daytona hospital to receive medical after suffering from cuts to his face and body. The cuts were deep enough that he had to receive 12 stitches in his head. He’s now back home recovering from his wounds.

Some legal experts interviewed by USA Today are saying that NASCAR could face liability for the accident, despite issuing tickets that say spectators assume the risk of any injuries. Some have said that a strong case could be made that the organization could have done more to prevent these injuries from occurring by using a stronger fence or better assembling it to hold up to the force of a crash.

Catch fences have been discussed before, especially after a crash at Talladega Speedway in 2009. In that case eight fans were injured when Carl Edwards’ Ford flew into the catch fence after being bumped by race winner Brad Keselowski. Seven fans sustained serious injuries in that incident. If attorneys are able to tie the two incidents together showing a pattern of harm to spectators and how NASCAR failed to act, it could be a costly problem for the racing league.

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