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Charlotte North Carolina Personal Injury Law Firms Lawyers and Attorneys.jpgAccording to a recent report by WBTV, pedestrians in Charlotte might have some good news in terms of safety. That’s because the city has announced the start of a new program designed to make sidewalks in Charlotte safer for those on foot.

The campaign was started after joggers, disabled citizens and those walking to work and school voiced complaints with the city about the lack of safety for pedestrians. The complaints began after a string of traffic crashes were reported last year involving pedestrians. The accidents were bad enough that two resulted in fatalities for innocent pedestrians.

Last year a terrible accident crystalized some of the problems seen in Charlotte that are caused by overly crowded sidewalks. A student at Myers Park High School was riding his bike when he tried to avoid a garbage can that had been placed on a sidewalk. When he swerved to avoid the can he fell off his bike into the street where he was hit and killed by a passing vehicle.

The new measure being pushed by city officials will attempt to make sidewalks safer for everyone by clearing them of garbage and other large items that prevent people from easily walking past. Charlotte’s Solid Waste Services Department will begin spreading the word to residents that they should not place any solid waste collection items, including garbage cans, yard waste or bulky items on the sidewalk.

The city says that current solid waste requirements allow for up to six feet of space within the curb for items that will be collected. This means that residents should still be able to place the garbage cart in their yard and the trucks will be able to pick up the items. The campaign will involve the use of radio ads, online ads, mailings and door hangers that will remind residents of the city not to impede the sidewalks with any obstructions, including parked vehicles. Any such obstructions force those needing to use the sidewalks off into the road which greatly increase the chance of being struck by a passing vehicle.

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