North Carolina Accident leads to Tragic Consequences

A Charlotte, North Carolina man has been charged with murder and with driving while intoxicated after a horrific accident on Sugar Creek Road. According to the Charlotte Observer, Eric Cox, the driver of an SUV ran a red light and struck another vehicle, a white Nissan Altima. The driver of the other vehicle, H’Luon Sin, was pronounced dead at the scene, suffering fatal injuries from the accident. Also in the car with her was her 4-year old son. He was rushed to a local hospital and is currently listed in critical condition. Cox, however, was not injured in the crash at all.

Sin was finishing her shift at a local greenhouse and had just finished picking up her son when she unknowingly crossed paths with Cox. She crossed the street at the intersection right when Cox’s SUV came barreling toward her. He then slammed into the side of Altima.

The judge in Cox’s case set bail at $350,000 after pleas from Cox’s family brought a reduction. Prosecutors were initially requesting a much higher amount, approximately $2 million. Cox had a previous DWI conviction in 2009 and was ordered by a judge to have no more than a 0.04 blood alcohol level. He also had a history of DWIs and other charges.

This case highlights the dangers of drunk driving and how an accident can have criminal consequences. Cox was a veteran and will now possibly spend a significant portion of his life in prison because he chose to get behind the wheel of his SUV while he was seriously impaired.

Even if you are a safe driver and smart enough to not drink and drive, you may not be safe from the bad decisions of others. According to, more than 40% of accidents involving fatalities are alcohol-related. Someone is injured in a drunken driving accident every two minutes. All drivers should be on diligent on the road, looking for the classic sign of impaired driving: swerving and swaying between lanes.

In addition to his criminal charges, Cox could possibly face civil liability. If Sin was married, her spouse may be able to file a wrongful death action against Cox. If she was not married, then the right to sue passes to her 4-year-old son, who also has the a case concerning his own injuries. Cox thus faces not only criminal charges, but civil liability for Sin’s death, her son’s injuries, and the damages to the vehicle.

Such instances involving wrongful death, negligence, and property damage are complicated civil legal matters. Only competent Charlotte injury attorneys should be retained to handle such cases. If you or someone you known find yourself in similar circumstances, please call Arnold & Smith, PLLC for a free consultation.

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